Care of Venetian Blinds

Like our car our blinds also require servicing. Blinds should be taken down every of couple years. The bearings (support the bracket in the head rail of the venetian blind that, supports the drum in which the tapes are attached,) require a couple of drops of sewing machine oil at each side where, the drums turns in the head rail should be added.

Blind tilting mechanisms should also have a couple of drops of oil to the top of the tilter where it joins in half or there is a small hole on top. However don’t over oil the bearings or tilt mechanisms.

This prolongs the life of your venetian blinds.

When raising and lowering Venetian Blinds always have the blinds slats in an open position this, reduces wear and tear on the cords.

If operating an old style 50mm Aluminium Venetian blind always grasp both tilt cords one in each hand, holding them both firmly. Never pull one cord as the cord can flick off the tilter wheel resulting in, loss of cord around the tilter. which may result in the blind not closing all the way.

Slimline venetians blinds: twist the tilt rod gently until at desired position, do not continue to twist once the blind is closed. Attempting to close the blind tighter may result in breaking the tilt mechanism.

The longer drop venetian blinds don’t close tightly at the bottom of the blind, this is normal.