Curtains & Drapes

Curtains are probably one of the most versatile window furnishings available. They are great for large windows and can be customised to complement any room.

Curtains come in a variety of finishes such as: pencil pleat, pinch pleat, eyelet, and, S-Fold finishes.

Sheer curtains are stylish and, filter the light while providing some degree of daytime privacy.

Block-out Curtains & Drapes are made of either Block-out coated or lined fabric to provide full block out and insulate your home from the heat and cold.

We offer a large range of curtain and drape fabrics to suit modern and traditional homes.

Padded Pelmets and traditional finishes can be customised to suit your home and style.

Our curtain staff is highly specialised and have many years of experience in the field.