Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings are the best solution for insulating from the summer heat, especially on west facing windows. They are also great to close up a veranda or to create a temporary roof on your patio.

Auto Spring Awnings work with self-locking arms that can stop at any height on your window. They are the most suitable option for most ground floor windows. They can be made in mesh fabrics or the more traditional canvas fabrics. We prefer to use Somerton canvas fabrics as they are made in Australia and have exceptional quality, however we do offer other quality fabric brands by request. In the mesh fabrics our brand of choice is Vistaweave. 

Straight Drop, Fixed Guide and Wire Guide Awnings are most suitable for first floor windows.

Straight Drop Awnings can be made crank operated for ease of use.

Fixed Guide Awnings are operated by the pulling of a cord or with a crank. Cord operated Fixed Guide awnings allows the blind to be raised or lowered from inside or outside the room. They are also better suited for first floor windows because they can be operated from the ground floor without the need of an extra-long pull-down stick.

Wire Guide Awnings are motorized and are ideal for high windows. We use Becker motors which have 5 years warranty. Becker is a German brand and it produces one of the most reliable motors in the window furnishing market.

ZiptrakĀ® and E-Zip awnings are the best solution for enclosing your Veranda to have privacy and stop direct sun and rain. They allow you to make full use of your outdoor areas. They can be made crank operated or motorized.

Folding arm awnings are ideal for when you need a roof over your head. With a folding arm awning you will be able to enjoy your afternoon tea in the patio any day of the year, even if it is rainy or too sunny. They can be motorized or crank operated.

We also supply custom made Florentine, Dutch Hood and, French (Wedge) Canopies in Canvas and Docril Fabrics.

Most Outdoor Awnings can be made in mesh fabric which will allow light through while stopping most of the heat and direct sun, or canvas fabric. They are available in a large range of plain colours and flat valances, or the more traditional stripes with scalloped finishes.

Motorization can be with a remote control or a Hub which will allow you to control the blinds from your mobile, wherever you are. We use Becker motors which offer 5 year warranty and excellent after sales support.

Powder coated finishes, and stainless-steel accessories are also available at an extra cost.