Plantation Shutters

For the ultimate style, sophistication and insulated comfort, stay cool in summer and warm in winter with Plantation Shutters. They come in painted finishes or stained for a rich timber look.

Our Plantation Shutters, are wholly made from natural timber sourced entirely from sustainable growth forests.

For the painted finishes, we use Poplar Timber, which is a lightweight, very straight timber.

For the stained finishes, we use Basswood Timber as they have a very nice grain.

Our Plantation Shutters have 3 coats of paint before they are assembled and once assembled they are painted again, all of this is done with a 2-pack* finish.

You have a choice of hinged bi-fold or sliding designs and, concealed control or tilt bar control. You can also choose between 64mm, 89mm blade sizes

Plantation Shutters are suitable for any shaped window including circular, triangular, rectangular or arched.

For wet areas or, areas where there is a high steam encounter, there is a PVC is the recommended option.

The PVC product is also painted in the 2 Pack Finish

* What is 2-pack finish?
To be able to spray paint most paints are diluted with solvents. In the 2-pack finish there are two containers of liquid (2 packs): One has a resin made out of acrylic paint and melamine, the other a resin hardener. When the two are applied together it causes the mixture to harden.