How to clean Roller (Holland) blinds:

Roller blinds are usually the easiest to maintain. They don’t attract much dust and they are very easy to clean, depending on the type of fabric.

Cleaning Roller Blinds with PVC Coated fabric:

If you blinds are PVC coated fabric they are very easy to clean and remove stains.

  1. Remove all dust from the blind with the soft attachment of your vacuum cleaner
  2. Prepare a solution of water with a little bit of dishwasher and using a sponge wipe them down.
  3. Leave them down to dry.

Never use abrasives or chemical products other than mild dishwashing liquid or soap.

To identify if your blinds are PVC coated:

  1. Check that the colour in the front is the same as in the back.
  2. The surface of the fabric must feel plasticky on both sides 

Cleaning Roller Blinds with Designer fabrics:

Designer fabrics are more difficult to clean.

  1. Firstly, with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, vacuum all the dust that may have settled on the blind.
  2. With a baby wipe towel do a spot test in an inconspicuous corner.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. If the fabric in that area has not stained or stretched, then you can proceed to spot clean the rest of the stains.
    Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the stains will be removed.